5 job interview tips you should apply to divorce court

By Goodwin Como, P.C.

Going through a divorce can be a painful, chaotic process. For most of us, divorce is a new experience, and we might not be sure what to prepare for. But, much like a job interview, being prepared can impact the outcome of your divorce.

Today we provide five key job interview strategies that are worth employing in divorce court.

Practice interview. Many job applicants rehearse answers to potential interview questions in advance. The same concept works in divorce court. Meet with your lawyer ahead of time so that you know what to expect and what to say.

Be prepared. Have all your ducks in a row. You wouldn’t walk into a job interview and ask, “which position was this again?”. You’re not going to win any fast fans that way. The same applies in court. Have all of your relevant paperwork organized and at hand. Show that you mean business.

Dress to impress. First impressions matter—at work and in court. If you show up in court looking like you barely made it there at all, a judge could draw the impression that you’re a less responsible parent than your ex and may not give you custody of your children. Don’t let a superficial snap judgment impact your future with your kids.

Turn off your devices. If you check your phone while you’re in an interview, you’re almost certain not to land the job. You want to avoid doing anything that distracts the judge from your case—or gives the impression that you’re distracted yourself. Keep your devices off and out of site. Give the judge your full attention.

Keep it professional. When an interviewer asks you why you’re leaving your current job, you know that bad-mouthing your boss isn’t going to earn you any bonus points. In divorce court, too, it pays to stay cool. Don’t get angry or defensive.