Family Law And Divorce: Guiding You And Your Family Through Incredibly Challenging Moments

Divorce and other family law matters can be so stressful because they redefine the most important and personal parts of people’s lives. That stress can make it hard to make the right choices for yourself. It can be difficult to see how each individual decision made as part of a divorce will shape your future.

Working with experienced and skilled family law attorneys can help ensure that you understand the impact of your decisions. We can help you clearly identify the future you want for yourself and help you build it. We offer our assistance with a wide range of family law matters, including:

  • Divorce — Our lawyers can help you make the right choices as you work through your divorce.
  • Alimony — Alimony, also known as spousal support, could be a part of your divorce. Working with a skilled attorney will mean that you are treated fairly.
  • Child custody — We are here to help you preserve your relationship with your child by securing child custody determinations that work for you. We also work with parents who never married who need to create binding child custody agreements.
  • Child support — Properly set child support levels can be crucial to the financial stability of both parents’ households.
  • Equitable distribution — Also known as property division, it is important to leave a marriage with your fair share of assets and property so that you have the financial stability to establish your own new household. This can include protecting retirement accounts and working to keep the family house.
  • Protection from abuse (PFA) orders — Also known as restraining orders, these orders can be the first step in protecting yourself and your children from abuse.

Outcomes That Truly Help You

At Goodwin Como, P.C., our firm is dedicated to helping people find their way through the toughest times. Divorce and other family law matters can create some of the most challenging situations people will ever face in their lives. This is why we are here, to help people build the better lives they deserve after a divorce.

Family Law Attorneys Serving Uniontown And Throughout Southwestern Pennsylvania

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