How likely are collisions with deer out on Pennsylvania’s roads?

Personal Injury
By Goodwin Como, P.C.

States vary in what kinds of safety hazards are common on their roads. Here in Pennsylvania, one type of accident there is a relatively high risk of, compared to most states, are collisions with deer. This can be seen in a recent report on deer crashes.

This report, by State Farm, gave the odds of colliding with a deer or similar animal out on the roads for all of the states and the District of Columbia. These odds were based on animal crash statistics covering July 2017 to June 2018.

The report found the odds of such a collision to be 1 in 63 here in Pennsylvania. This was a much higher likelihood than the national average. The nationwide odds of a deer crash were 1 in 167.

The report pointed to Pennsylvania drivers having the nation’s third highest likelihood of getting into an auto accident with a deer or similar animal. The only drivers with a higher likelihood were West Virginia drivers and Montana drivers.

And, this time of year, it is particularly important for Pennsylvania drivers to be on the lookout for deer out on the roads. In the U.S., deer crashes peak in the October to December period, with November being the No. 1 month for such accidents.

When safety hazards out on the roads, such as hazards presented by deer and other animals, lead to motor vehicle accidents, a lot of different things can impact what issues and challenges can come up for individuals hurt in such crashes when it comes to insurance claims and compensation. Victims of such accidents may want to seek out experienced guidance on developing a well-tailored approach for addressing such issues and challenges.