How to avoid catastrophic fireworks mishaps this Fourth of July

Premises Liability
By Goodwin Como, P.C.

If there’s one holiday associated with firing explosives into the sky, it’s the Fourth of July. Fireworks are a beloved part of Independence Day festivities. They represent celebration. They bring generations together. They can be beautiful and exciting to watch.

However, when non-professionals put on their own fireworks shows, things can get risky. Failing to take the necessary safety precautions can quickly turn a happy occasion into a tragic one. In 2016, amateur fireworks displays led to 11,000 hospitalizations across the country.

In today’s post, we provide some basic guidelines for a safe fireworks display:

  • Before starting a fireworks display, fill two buckets with water–in case of a fire.
  • Only let adults operate fireworks.
  • Never set off fireworks if you’ve been drinking alcohol.
  • Wear protective eye gear whenever handling fireworks.
  • Always aim fireworks away from people, animals or anything that could set on fire.
  • Only fire one firework at a time.
  • Only light each firework once–never attempt to re-ignite a dud.


At the end of the fireworks show, collect any unused fireworks as well as any fireworks that failed to ignite. These are still explosive and need to be disposed of carefully. Fill a bucket with water and let the fireworks soak overnight. In the morning, double-wrap them in cellophane or plastic bags to prevent them from drying out. Now it is safe to put them in the garbage.

Lighting fireworks can be a fun way to bring family and friends together. Follow these safety recommendations to avoid unnecessary catastrophe this Fourth of July.