Improve your odds of a successful vehicle accident injury claim

Car Accidents
By Goodwin Como, P.C.

Despite the best efforts of safety-conscious motorists in Uniontown, motor vehicle accidents still occur with alarming frequency. Sometimes, the only harm a victim suffers is property damage. Other times, these victims are left coping with serious or severe injuries as well.

Filing a personal injury claim for the harm suffered in an accident is often the best way for victims to acquire financial compensation for their suffering. However, winning such a claim is never guaranteed. Our team of personal injury lawyers can help Pennsylvania accident victims improve their odds of a successful claim. You can also fill an important role in the success of your case by following the simple tips outlined below.

  • Never admit fault and don’t consent to a recorded statement, especially to insurance providers.
  • Avoid signing any documents without having an attorney’s approval.
  • Be completely honest with your lawyer about all details of the motor vehicle accident, even if you think doing so may harm your case.
  • Follow all your doctor’s orders and never miss a medical appointment because you will need this documented record to show that your injuries are valid.
  • Avoid using social media until your case is resolved as the things you say and show online could be used against you.
  • Comply with your attorney’s guidance, listen to his or her recommendations, and don’t be afraid to ask questions about your claim.

We believe all motor vehicle accident victims deserve fair compensation when negligence plays a role in the crash. While it may take a little time to resolve a personal injury claim, giving up is never the best option, especially without a lawyer’s recommendation. Continue exploring our firm’s website for additional information.