Most drivers admit to distraction

Personal Injury
By Goodwin Como, P.C.

If you ask most people if distracted driving is dangerous, they’ll usually tell you that it is. Some will even say it is on par with drunk driving. They know it’s a risk. They know it causes accidents. Even if they can’t cite the statistics, not many people actually think that it’s safe.

As such, it’s very curious to note that most of them will admit to doing it anyway.

For instance, people were asked if they would use a GPS while driving, rather than setting it up before they started driving. A full 60% said that they would.

They were also asked if they would send or read text messages behind the wheel. While the majority said they would not, 38% still said they would.

These are just two examples out of many. Other distractions include eating and drinking, grooming, talking, listening to music, dealing with children, dealing with pets, reading a map and much more. If people are willing to send text messages and use phone apps like their GPS, then they are probably doing many of these other things as well.

What the study reveals is that people do not take the risks seriously, even if they know what they are. They know distraction is deadly, but that doesn’t stop them, so they must be deluding themselves into thinking that they can do it safely. That’s why it keeps causing accidents.

If you get injured in an accident with one of these dangerous drivers, make sure you are well aware of all of the rights you have to financial compensation.