The process of obtaining disability benefits becomes easier once you reach age 50. Here at Goodwin Como, P.C., in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, our lawyers can help you get the benefits you need. We have years of valuable experience to help guide you through the appeals process.

Applying For SSDI After Age 50

The Social Security Administration understands the impact of aging on your ability to find employment that you can do when you get older. As a result, it becomes easier to meet the Social Security qualifications when you reach age 50. It comes easier again when you turn 55.

The government takes various factors into consideration when determining exactly what level of work you can do.

  • After age 50, depending on your skills, Social Security can approve you for disability benefits even if you are still able to perform sedentary work.
  • If you are 55 or older, you can be approved for disability benefits even if you are able to perform light work. Depending on your education and work experience, you can be approved even if you can perform medium work.

Our lawyers have the experience to help you build the strongest possible case.

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