Steps to take following a car wreck

Personal Injury
By Goodwin Como, P.C.

When a car accident occurs on a Pennsylvania road, a driver may feel embarrassed or angry. However, the best thing in the immediate aftermath of a crash is to take a breath and assess the situation. If anyone is hurt, a call should be placed to get emergency personnel to the scene of the accident. Otherwise, the police should be called to take a report or keep the peace between those involved in the crash.

In the event of a minor accident, it may be a driver’s responsibility to file a police report on his or her own. Anyone who has been involved in an accident should get to the side of the road, and they should look out for other drivers engaged in rubbernecking. It is a good idea to take as many photos of the accident scene as possible.

This may include taking a picture of the other driver as well as his or her insurance card. Many insurance companies have their own apps that allow policyholders to upload pictures and start the process of filing a claim. Drivers are encouraged to refrain from admitting guilt in the aftermath of an accident. They are also discouraged from saying that they aren’t hurt immediately after the crash occurs.

Someone who is injured in a car accident may not be able to return to work, school or other activities. In some cases, he or she will be entitled to compensation for medical costs, lost wages and missed future earnings. An attorney could represent an injured victim in a personal injury case. The legal representative may gather evidence of negligence on the part of another driver such as driving too fast for road conditions or driving while impaired.