The consequences of not fighting a traffic ticket

By Goodwin Como, P.C.

There are far worse criminal charges than receiving a general traffic ticket. This reality makes it easy for you to brush off tickets as not a big deal and pay the fines to get the process over with so you can move on with life.

However, have you ever stopped to think about the impact traffic tickets can have on your life? They can easily become a bigger problem than you anticipated if you do not take care of the situation in the most effective way.

Driver’s license points

First, every traffic violation comes with a number of points that go on your driver’s license. The more severe the offense, the more points you will receive. Once you reach six points, you have to pass a written safety test to retain your license. Passing also results in the loss of two points from your license.

The second time you reach six points, you must attend a hearing. The outcome may be having to take a road test, losing your license for 15 days or receiving no penalty. Not showing up to the hearing leads to a 60-day suspension. Further actions exist for third-time offenses, excessive speeding and the accumulation of 11 or more points.

Automatic suspensions

Some traffic violations not only come with points, but also automatic suspensions. The most familiar is drunk driving, but others include:

  • Speeding in an active work zone
  • Not complying with crossing gates and barriers
  • Failing to stop for a bus with flashing red lights
  • Driving recklessly
  • Leaving the scene of an accident you caused

Fighting a suspension is a time-sensitive course of action, and obtaining a license restoration is not an easy process.

Increase in insurance

Insurance companies love to reward safe drivers and punish those who cost them money. Depending on what the offense was and how many tickets you have gotten, your insurance rates may go up significantly. It is more beneficial to spend the money on defending your driving record than on a higher premium.