The Importance of Seeking Medical Attention after an Accident

Car Accidents
By Goodwin Como, P.C.

Accidents frequently occur, and many people feel there is no need to see a doctor or visit an emergency room after the accident unless they have suffered a significant and obvious injury. However, if you have been involved in an accident, you need to seek medical attention as soon as possible after the accident occurs, even if you do not have an obvious injury.

Not All Injuries Are Obvious

Not all injuries are easily seen by someone not medically trained. These types of injuries require a thorough examination, and often testing, by a doctor or other healthcare professional. Examples of injuries that are not obvious include internal bleeding and concussions. Victims may feel fine and not be aware that they are suffering from one of these injuries.

Some Injuries Do Not Appear Immediately

Some injuries may only actually appear sometime after the accident occurs. For example, soft tissue and back injuries may not cause symptoms such as pain, swelling, and reduced mobility until some time has passed. It is not unheard of for whiplash, a form of soft tissue injury, to take weeks to be revealed fully.

Your Health Depends On It

Consulting with a physician or visiting the nearest emergency room is a small act that can preserve your health. A trained medical eye will be able to identify areas of concern and provide you with advice that will help you maintain your optimal well-being. Seeking medical care after an accident is crucial to ensure you begin healing and do not suffer any more unnecessary pain or injuries.

It is also crucial that you follow the advice of your physician. If follow-up appointments are scheduled, be certain to attend them. After all, should you pursue a claim for your injuries and the defense can show that you failed to follow through with the doctor’s recommended treatment plan, your ability to recover damages may be limited. Often times, insurance companies and their attorneys will used delays or gaps in medical treatment as evidence that your injuries were caused by being in an accident.

To Establish Documentation of Your Injuries

If you file a claim to recover for the damages you suffered in the accident, you will need proof to establish the injuries that you sustained were caused by the accident. The easiest and best way to do this is to seek medical care as soon as possible after the accident occurs. The longer you wait to receive medical care, the less likely it appears that your injuries were sustained in the accident.

Medical records are key in establishing damages, and your personal injury lawyer will thank you for acting promptly and obtaining the necessary documentation of your injuries.

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