The pathway to SSA benefits is through solid medical evidence

Social Security Disability
By Goodwin Como, P.C.

The last thing people applying for disability benefits want to receive is that dreaded denial letter. Sadly, only 30% of Supplemental Security Income or Social Security Disability applicants get the support they need. However, just because it’s hard to get benefits doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

Common reasons disability claims get denied

There are countless reasons why the Social Security Administration denies disability claims. Whether it be for prior denials, failing to meet income requirements or not providing the right information, it can be easy for anyone to get rejected.

However, one of the biggest reason for denials is due to lack of substantial medical evidence. Even by presenting years of medical records, applicants’ claims could still get rejected. For example, applicants may show proof they’ve been going to their doctor every month for their back pain. But if they fail to show how their back pain prevents them from working, the administration may likely deny their claims.

Showing evidence relating to symptoms

By presenting this information to the SSA, applicants could strengthen their case. Here are some things that could help them:

  • They can show how their condition significantly limits their daily activities.
  • They can show how the symptoms of their condition impact them most of their day.
  • They can show the medical treatment they receive is not enough for them to live a fully functional life.
  • They can display other factors that demonstrate their functional limitations.

Those with severe impairments deserve support

Getting Social Security benefits for an applicant’s ailments can be a long and arduous process. But by providing sound and conclusive evidence, applicants may have a better chance of getting the benefits they need to live a comfortable life despite their debilitating conditions.