Water main break and ice factors in a Pittsburgh car crash

Car Accidents
By Goodwin Como, P.C.

If a vehicle skids out on a slick road, this is not generally viewed as a premises liability case. However, there are types of accidents that could indicate a failure of the responsible party to ensure that the road is safe.

A Pittsburgh woman suffered a serious shoulder injury after her vehicle flipped over on an icy road. According to the woman’s mother, the victim was driving when she skidded, and her vehicle flipped over numerous times.

Her mother asserts that a water main break led to the accumulation of ice in the road and caused the accident. The road was open despite the break. Legislators say they did not know about the water main break and the icy conditions.

A statement was issued by the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority (PWSA) saying that they are investigating the water main break and the response to it. The road was closed as repairs were being done. The PWSA was asked when they knew about the water main break and how long it took before the road was closed, but they gave no response.

While roads can be slippery in the winter, a driver would not expect there to be so much water that the road is treacherous and causes vehicles to flip over. The city is responsible for maintaining safety on the road and dealing with hazardous conditions. If it does not, and a car crash occurs, victims of the crash may want to determine if they can seek compensation for medical expenses, lost time at work and other problems that arise after a crash.