What safety risks can you face as a retail worker?

By Goodwin Como, P.C.

As a retail worker, you know that working in this field is certainly not without its challenges. But, could it also carry significant safety risks?

The retail industry may not be one that pops into many people’s minds when thinking of industries with major worker safety hazards. However, Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers indicate that, in 2016 here in the U.S., there were 3.3 workplace injuries/illnesses per every 100 workers in the retail field. This rate is greater than that for construction, a field many associates with worker dangers. So, it can be important to not underestimate the dangers retail workers face.

What are the most common causes of retail worker injuries?

Statistics point to certain safety hazards being particularly common in the retail workplace. Some injury causes are much more prevalent than others when it comes to retail workers. The three top causes are:

  • Overexertion
  • Contact with equipment and objects
  • Slips/trips/falls

Retail workplaces differ from one another in their risks and safety environment

Now, not all retail workers face the exact same safety situation on the job. This is because what safety environment you experience as a retail worker depends on a range of things. This includes how your employer acts. For example, how seriously your employer takes workplace safety issues and how your employer behaves when it comes to matters like ergonomics, workplace equipment, accident prevention, and safety training can have big impacts on how safe or risky things are on the job for you and your coworkers.

Coping with retail work injuries

When you suffer an injury as a retail worker, however, it came about, you can face many difficulties in connection your injury. Your ability to tackle these difficulties can be impacted by many things. This includes how matters related to workers’ compensation ultimately go. So, throughout the workers’ comp process, having solid legal guidance in your corner can be valuable.