Compensation For Work-Related Scars And Disfigurement

A workplace injury can leave you with a scar or other permanent disfigurement. In some cases, you may be entitled to compensation for the damage from workers’ compensation.

At Goodwin Como, P.C., in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, our lawyers are here to help you get all the compensation you deserve from workers’ compensation, including compensation for scars and disfigurement.

When Can I Receive Compensation For A Scar?

To qualify for compensation, the scar or other disfigurement must be to the head, face or neck. It must also remain visible for a minimum of six months.

Our lawyers work closely with qualified plastic surgeons to determine whether an injury is permanent. We work hard to seek maximum compensation in every case, looking into every possible source.

Living with a scar or other disfigurement can affect you in many ways:

  • You may find it difficult to feel happy and content with yourself.
  • You may feel self-conscious when you are out in public.
  • Your relationships may suffer.

The amount of compensation you get depends on the size and severity of the disfigurement. You may be entitled to as much as 210 weeks of wages benefits in a lump sum.

For More Information About Scar Money

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