Real Help For Those Facing Drug Charges

We offer a strong defense against all types of drug charges ranging from possession to distribution of marijuana, cocaine, heroin, prescription drugs, and any other type of illegal drug.

Are You Facing Drug Trafficking Charges?

For those who have been accused of dealing drugs, the potential consequences can be almost hard to grasp. You may be facing decades in prison if you are convicted. With the rest of your life on the line, you cannot afford to present anything but the strongest defense. We are here to fight for you. We are skilled at analyzing the prosecution’s case for weaknesses that we can use to secure the best possible resolution.

Is Your Child Facing Drug Charges?

College students and other young people often make mistakes as they grow more independent. As a parent, you should not let an overzealous prosecutor damage your child’s future just as they are taking their first steps toward adulthood. A drug conviction could prevent your child from receiving financial aid and haunt him or her as he or she works to build a career. Your child deserves a strong defense.

Is Your Career Threatened By Drug Charges?

Many professionals and others with established careers have faced difficulties with painkillers in recent years. They may have been initially prescribed the medication by their doctor, with insufficient care given to the potential for addiction. If you are facing drug charges that threaten to upend your life and your career, we can help.

Outcomes That Truly Help You

At Goodwin Como, P.C., our firm has the skills to build a highly effective defense against all types of drug charges. We understand Fourth Amendment issues and how to identify where police may have violated your rights in pursuit of an arrest. We will ensure that any violation of your rights is recognized by the court and that any evidence gathered in violation of your rights is not used against you.

Drug Charges Attorneys Serving Uniontown And Throughout Southwestern Pennsylvania

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