Do Not Allow Sex Crime Charges To Ruin Your Life

Sex crimes are the most stigmatizing of almost all criminal charges. Simply being accused of a sex crime can destroy a person’s reputation forever. If you are convicted, the list of the ways in which that conviction will shape and define the rest of your life is long.

We know how overwhelmed people often are in the aftermath of being charged with a sex crime, but we strongly encourage people to begin looking for effective criminal defense representation as soon as possible. The best defenses are often those that have the most time to be developed.

Living As A Registered Sex Offender

Sex crime convictions carry lengthy prison sentences. But almost more concerning is the fact that once a person gets out of prison, he or she may be forced to register as a sex offender. Living as a registered sex offender can mean submitting to having every aspect of your life closely controlled. Restrictions include:

  • Where you live — You may not be able to live almost anywhere in your town because of the proximity of schools, playgrounds, and other places children are present.
  • Where you work — You may not be able to hold any job that has you interacting with, or even being near, children.
  • Where you go — You may not be able to visit a friend’s house if it is near a place where children are present.

The only way to prevent a future that is controlled by your sex offender status is to build the strongest defense now.

Outcomes That Truly Help You

At Goodwin Como, P.C., we are skilled investigators who understand how to thoroughly analyze evidence in sex crime cases such as computer files, witness testimony, and other types of evidence. We are skilled at creating narratives to help ensure that your case is seen in the best light. Our goal is to obtain the best possible outcome so that you can reclaim control of your life and move on past these difficult times.

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