Your Rights After A Domestic Violence Allegation

Domestic violence accusations are incredibly serious, as Pennsylvania still prosecutes even when alleged victims do not want to testify. Even when the person who accused you decides he or she wants nothing to do with it, the state may still take you to trial.

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Should You Plead Guilty?

One thing we see all too often is people saying they just want to put the incident behind them. They want to move forward. As a result, they decide to plead guilty, thinking it will speed the process.

Unfortunately, pleading guilty will not put the allegations behind you. With a domestic violence conviction on your record, you could find it harder to get a job. Few employers want to hire someone with a domestic violence conviction on his or her record. You could also lose the job you have now.

That conviction changes your entire life in an instant. You could also lose your right to buy or possess firearms. If you have a family, it could impact your ability to see your children.

Before you plead guilty to any criminal charge, talk to an experienced defense lawyer. You may be able to resolve the charges without a damaging criminal conviction.

Protection Orders

If you are accused of domestic violence, the alleged victim may obtain a protection order against you. This can make it impossible to talk to the other party about the charges. If you attempt to contact the alleged victim, you could be charged with a second crime.

Instead, contact our attorneys as soon as possible. We will seek to have the order dismissed.

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