Protection From Abuse (PFA): Serious Family Law Issues Handled By Serious Attorneys

Whether you or your children have become victims of abuse in the home or you have been accused of acts of violence against your spouse or child, it’s imperative that you take real, meaningful steps to protect yourself.

When You Fear For Your Safety Or Have Been Accused Of Abuse, It’s Time To Talk To A Lawyer

Our attorneys at Goodwin Como, P.C., work with people throughout southwest Pennsylvania who are going through some of the most difficult moments of their lives. When you hire us, we will step in, listen to your side of what happened, explain the law and help you develop a plan going forward.

When a party is being abused, stalked, or harassed by a relative, current or former spouse, current or former intimate partner, or co-parent, he or she is entitled to a protection from abuse (PFA) order (often referred to as a restraining order), which is a civil order signed by a judge that can, by statute, do any of the following:

  • Order the abuser not to abuse, harass or stalk you, your relatives, or your minor children
  • Order the abuser to be removed from the home where you both live and grant you possession of the home
  • Award temporary custody or temporary visitation of your minor children
  • Order the abuser to pay financial support (including medical bills, health insurance, rent, or mortgage payments) to you or your children
  • Prohibit the abuser from having any contact with you or minor children, including staying away from you or your child’s place of employment or business or school
  • Order the abuser to turn in any firearms, other weapons, and ammunition to the sheriff or police, if he or she used them or threatened to use them as part of the abuse, and prohibit him or her from getting additional firearms
  • Order the abuser to pay you for reasonable losses resulting from the abuse (this may include the cost of medical/ dental care, relocation and moving expenses, attorney and counseling costs, as well as loss of earnings or support)

Whether the court will grant any of or all of the above depends on the particular circumstances of your case.

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