Stepparent Adoptions Bring Your Family Together

Stepparents find themselves in a unique position. They are often already assuming a parental role for the young children living with them. They may have been in this role for months or years. Stepchildren may depend on them emotionally, physically, and financially. In many respects, a stepparent already is a child’s parent.

However, the way to make this position official is to go through a stepparent adoption. This is different from adopting a child from outside of the home, due to the existing relationship and the marriage between the stepparent and the child’s biological parent. However, there is a potential complication.

Terminating The Parental Rights Of The Other Biological Parent

The other biological parent may no longer be involved in the child’s life. Before the stepparent can adopt the child, however, the biological parent’s rights must be fully and finally terminated. This can be done voluntarily by the other biological parent or by the court in the following cases:

  • Neglect
  • Abandonment
  • Failing to make child support payments
  • Unfitness to be a parent

For example, a parent with drug abuse and addiction issues may be declared unfit to parent and his or her rights could be terminated, especially if the situation potentially endangers the child.

Guiding You Through The Process

Here at Goodwin Como, P.C., in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, our lawyers can help guide you through this process. We will help you know what legal steps to take and we will ensure that the other biological parent’s rights are fully and finally terminated prior to the adoption. We can also help you in cases of contested adoptions when that parent does not want to give up those rights.

We are a community-based law firm, and we believe strongly in helping those in need. Our practice is built around this goal, and we have years of valuable experience that can help those who have never been through this process. We work closely with all our clients, offering respectful assistance and working to forge strong relationships. We pride ourselves on our responsiveness and our excellent communication. You will enjoy working with us.

For More Information About Stepparent Adoption

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