Protecting Your Interests In Divorce

Family law issues such as divorce, annulment, custody, alimony, spousal and child support, equitable distribution, paternity, and adoption are some of the most intimate and life-altering legal issues a person can face.

That’s why it’s imperative to have skilled, knowledgeable family law attorneys, with a proven track record, on your side.

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As experienced and accomplished divorce and custody attorneys serving clients throughout southwestern Pennsylvania, Amanda M. Como and Benjamin F. Goodwin are well-equipped to help you outline options, develop a creative plan and take action so you can get through your divorce and start moving forward with your life.

Unfortunately, divorce is a reality for a large segment of American families. In the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, divorces can be obtained on no-fault grounds when both parties agree that their marriage is irretrievably broken, as that term is defined by the Pennsylvania Divorce Code, and on certain fault-based grounds when one party does not consent to the entry of a divorce decree and that party has engaged in certain types of marital misconduct as set forth in the Pennsylvania Divorce Code.

The reality is that putting an end to the bonds of matrimony is just the tip of the iceberg in divorce cases and complex issues concerning:

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